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Accountability is the bottom line

Take control of accounts receivable and payable, manage assets and understand your financial position at any point in time. See detailed reports and realised outcomes of business operations to optimise your bottom line.

With Pronto Xi Financials, you can have access to the complete financial position of your business at any time. The four core modules form the basis of your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, delivering key financial information to provide solid strategic decision-making support across all integrated modules. To deliver informative analysis and reporting, a comprehensive budgeting system supplements the financials.

Pronto Xi Financials Work Space Screen

Built for the enterprise, Pronto Xi General Ledger  provides a comprehensive way to handle the financials of multiple companies in any currency along with multiple budgets, hierarchies, and cost centres. By representing the outcome of your organisation’s activities, this module forms the basis for reporting and business insights.

Pronto Xi General Ledger Executive Analysis Screen

Manage the full asset lifecycle with Pronto Xi Fixed Assets from acquisition through to disposal. Multiple acquisitions and depreciation methods can be utilised to keep the valuations updated at all times. With full reporting and KPI capabilities, Pronto Xi Fixed Assets is perfect for multinational companies with multi-jurisdictional assets and compliance reporting.

Using Pronto Xi Accounts Receivable, all your sales transactions automatically get processed with real-time updates to General Ledger (GL). It is a fully functional system with the ability to hold very detailed information about your customers – including information flow from Pronto Xi Sales. Pronto Xi Accounts Receivable can be used in a wide variety of environments, including wholesale, retail, service, project management and manufacturing.

Supplier accounts can be easily managed with Pronto Xi Accounts Payable. It supports a 

variety of invoice types and payment options and has the ability to automate invoice processing to save time. With full integration with Pronto Xi General Ledger and Pronto Xi Purchasing, it gives you a detailed view of all supplier arrangements, transactions and approval levels.

Pronto Xi Accounts Payable Screen shot

Alongside the traditional budgeting at the GL level, Pronto Xi also has additional tools to aid in the process. For instance, sales budgets can be rolled up to GL budgets. Any number of hierarchy budgets can be developed to meet specific reporting requirements. For lower-level budgets, like employee expenses, Pronto Xi has a concept of Transaction Tagging. Accountability is essential and easily managed within Pronto.


Maximise your asset efficiency

Pronto Xi Payroll and Resource ensures everyday human and non-human resources processes are manageable and easy to access.

Pronto Xi Payroll and Resources put information about the company’s most valuable assets in front of the people who need them to effectively respond to changing priorities. Get a complete view of your entire workforce and equipment, wherever they are located, in one secure system.

Unlock your resources’ full potential, without overbooking them with work. That’s why the best resource planning tools have a resource scheduler or calendar that shows everyone’s workload and allocation, where you can spot who is available or vice versa in a bird’s eye view.

Pronto Xi Payroll Employee Portal

Keep your people happy by making their remuneration process seamless via an efficient payroll system to reward them for all the hard work and effort they put into your organisation.

And reduce the administrative burden so that the management can effectively access important information anywhere, anytime via any mobile device.

Halve your admin efforts while tripling your productivity through Pronto Xi People and Resources.

Wholesale Distribution

Inventory in motion

Achieve competitive advantage by fulfilling customer demands in a profitable manner.

Pronto Xi Distribution modules gives clear visibility of your inventory across warehouses with all the detailed information you need to take informed business decisions. It consists of Pronto Xi Inventory, Pronto Xi Sales and Pronto Xi Purchasing – the basic elements of doing business. Inventory moves in and out of business with the help of purchase orders and sales orders. These products equip you with smart tools to move your stock to the right places at the right time with minimal costs.

Applicable to any industry, Pronto Xi Inventory helps track your inventory at a granular level. Organise it by quantity, movement, groups / kits and more while maintaining detailed price information. You can store detailed and customised information about each stock item and automate ordering and replenishment functions – with information flowing seamlessly into the fully integrated Pronto Xi General Ledger. 

Pronto Xi Inventory Example

Pronto Xi Purchasing is an efficient procurement solution providing tight cost control and simplifying your purchasing activities by managing your domestic and foreign supplies and shipment processes. Purchase order creation can be automated based on rules designed around inventory levels, sales order commitments, and sales history – freeing up time for your procurement team to negotiate better deals. Our unique approval system allows users to create simple approval methods or the most complex based on business needs in a simple workflow administration screen.

Pronto Xi Purchase Order Example

Manage the sales order lifecycle end-to-end with Pronto Xi Sales. A simple yet powerful way to manage sales, it processes sales orders, produces picking slips and prints consignment notes, manifests, labels and customer documentation – all within a single integrated solution. Any updates to the sales orders instantly pushes automated changes across all relevant modules in Pronto Xi – seamless and error-free.


One platform. Full visibility.

Create memorable experiences to keep them coming back.

Pronto Xi Point of Sale supports a retailer’s growth strategy in a highly competitive environment by using the latest technology to create a fantastic customer experience.

It is an end-to-end system that handles all aspects of a retail enterprise. You can manage product inventory and sell on multiple sales channels. Promotions can be designed and triggered based on defined rules. Multiple tender types are supported including buy-now, pay-later solutions. Varying sales types such as refunds, exchanges, laybys, customer accounts and quotations. With a flexible way to create POS workflows, you can create custom screens to handle desirable product selling scenarios.

Pronto Xi Point of Sale Console

With Pronto Xi POS app, you can create a great in-store experience. It is an intuitive POS solution that enables you to sell anywhere throughout the store or use it as you all in one POS solution. Having all product information at your fingertips including promotions and pricing, customer shopping history and the ability to take payments, your store staff can engage customers while they shop – even if you are offline.  

Quickly and simply start selling products online with Pronto Xi Avenue. It integrates fully with Pronto Xi and provides highly customised, modern looking, online storefront – empowering you to achieve your omni-channel goals. 

Make it simple to manage after-sales service and customer repairs using a logical ‘lifecycle’ system with Pronto Xi Repairs Management. Quotes, labour, parts, transfers and payments of repairs are easy to create and complete – allowing you to focus on delivering an excellent service.


The extra mile

Go out of your way to know your customers well.

By putting the needs of your customers first, the fully integrated CRM modules support your initiatives towards customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction. With Pronto Xi CRM, you can analyse customer and prospect needs, identify the customers that require the most attention and recognise the business processes that deliver superior customer service and promote repeat business. All the data that you collect about your customers can be used to assist sales force automation, customer service and support, and marketing opportunities. 

You can track leads, opportunities, transactions and activities for all your accounts and contacts – giving you detailed insights on every prospect and customer. With attributes, you can flexibly add powerful data points that can be used to identify and segment CRM data. You can achieve all of this while reaping the benefits of an integrated solution, eliminating double-handling and enhancing visibility and data integrity.

For your sales team on the road, Pronto Sales App is the perfect companion with seamless integration into Pronto Xi CRM. It provides tools for presales, sales and account manager related activities when it is needed most, as well as real-time information about product availability, sales orders, quotations and customer-specific pricing. You can even accept payments so that you can close more deals on the move.

Asset Management

Simplified services

Align your people, processes and assets towards one goal – achieving business excellence.

Handle the full lifecycle of service calls end-to-end by using Pronto Xi ServicePronto Xi Mobile Service and Pronto Xi Service Connect.

Enable customers to raise service calls by using Pronto Xi Service Connect. Through this user-friendly web portal, your customers can track status and the accompanying conversations in real time – obtaining information on-demand.

Minimise your customers’ waiting times by keeping track of high priority service issues, customer service history, warranties and monitor time critical customer SLAs. Pronto Xi Service is the central place where service calls get managed in the back-office — from contracts to call allocation and invoicing to reporting, so that you can focus on providing exceptional care for your clients.

When your service engineers are on the field, Pronto Xi Mobile Service equips them with the most relevant functions to complete a predictive or reactive work as well as invoice customers and complete payment transaction on the site.

Pronto Xi Resource Management is a core functionality that enables you to plan your human and non-human resources. It comes with a thorough work roster and employee award system that allows you to optimise resource utilisation. Complete the end-to-end process with the allocation of appropriate awards and allowances with information flowing smoothly into Pronto Xi Payroll. You can schedule resources, teams and equipment with the Pronto Xi Resource Scheduler. An intuitive web application, it is an effective visual way to get an overview of your resource allocation and enables quick rescheduling in response to ever-changing daily operational needs.

If you are undertaking projects type work that needs granular task tracking, Pronto Xi Project makes it easy for you to track a project at a task level from quotation through to completion. Cost breakdowns and direct integration with Pronto Xi Resource Management module enables your projects to stay within allocated budget.

 With Pronto Xi Maintenance, planning and control of the plant maintenance activities can be maximised. As a result, breakdowns and service costs can be reduced as your equipment is always in top shape.

Pronto Xi Rental lets you keep track of rental products, including current rental status, traceable contracts, service and rental history, and asset depreciation, with a fully integrated system.


Make more with less

From trimming the fat on the factory floor to bulking up production volume, you can ensure your operations are lean, scalable and cost-effective.

Using Pronto Xi Shopfloor Manufacturing, production can be planned efficiently with paperless reports of manufacturing resources and raw materials. Easily implement lean manufacturing practices with a flexible product that adapts easily to various production environments. 

The Pronto Xi Manufacturing Planning provides tools such as Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) and more. This help optimise your materials and capacity planning over multiple sites.

You can manage production data such as Bill of Materials (BOMs) and item control while efficiently operating the shopfloor with detailed work orders, production feedback and more. Customise your production processes with widely used manufacturing methods such as Make to Stock, Make to Order, Configure to Order and more. No matter the method of production, your manufacturing costs can be posted to General Ledger to ensure that your financials remain updated at all times.

As an operations manager or team leader, you can view your entire operations at a glance. This enables you to maximise your manufacturing resources to reduce product cycle time, foresee downtimes and meet your deadlines. Pronto Xi Manufacturing Scheduler enables high visibility of workload versus available capacity and also allows you to manually or systematically manage sequences and optimise work. 

With Pronto Xi Quality Management and Pronto Xi Laboratory, you can enable continuous improvement through tighter process control and increased audibility. With the ability to log test results accurately, you can track the quality of products efficiently and create official certificates to reinforce your product tests and compliance.

Manufacturing processes can vary greatly between industries — and even within the same company — as products pass through various production stages, all requiring different planning and control methods. Pronto Xi Manufacturing Management modules have the flexibility to support most manufacturing processes, including high-volume production, lean manufacturing environments and mass customisation. All of the modules also integrate seamlessly with other Pronto Xi modules, providing a comprehensive yet focused view of your business.