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Make more with less

From trimming the fat on the factory floor to bulking up production volume, you can ensure your operations are lean, scalable and cost-effective.

Using Pronto Xi Shopfloor Manufacturing, production can be planned efficiently with paperless reports of manufacturing resources and raw materials. Easily implement lean manufacturing practices with a flexible product that adapts easily to various production environments. 

The Pronto Xi Manufacturing Planning provides tools such as Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) and more. This help optimise your materials and capacity planning over multiple sites.

You can manage production data such as Bill of Materials (BOMs) and item control while efficiently operating the shopfloor with detailed work orders, production feedback and more. Customise your production processes with widely used manufacturing methods such as Make to Stock, Make to Order, Configure to Order and more. No matter the method of production, your manufacturing costs can be posted to General Ledger to ensure that your financials remain updated at all times.

As an operations manager or team leader, you can view your entire operations at a glance. This enables you to maximise your manufacturing resources to reduce product cycle time, foresee downtimes and meet your deadlines. Pronto Xi Manufacturing Scheduler enables high visibility of workload versus available capacity and also allows you to manually or systematically manage sequences and optimise work. 

With Pronto Xi Quality Management and Pronto Xi Laboratory, you can enable continuous improvement through tighter process control and increased audibility. With the ability to log test results accurately, you can track the quality of products efficiently and create official certificates to reinforce your product tests and compliance.

Manufacturing processes can vary greatly between industries — and even within the same company — as products pass through various production stages, all requiring different planning and control methods. Pronto Xi Manufacturing Management modules have the flexibility to support most manufacturing processes, including high-volume production, lean manufacturing environments and mass customisation. All of the modules also integrate seamlessly with other Pronto Xi modules, providing a comprehensive yet focused view of your business.