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Wholesale Distribution

Inventory in motion

Achieve competitive advantage by fulfilling customer demands in a profitable manner.

Pronto Xi Distribution modules gives clear visibility of your inventory across warehouses with all the detailed information you need to take informed business decisions. It consists of Pronto Xi Inventory, Pronto Xi Sales and Pronto Xi Purchasing – the basic elements of doing business. Inventory moves in and out of business with the help of purchase orders and sales orders. These products equip you with smart tools to move your stock to the right places at the right time with minimal costs.

Applicable to any industry, Pronto Xi Inventory helps track your inventory at a granular level. Organise it by quantity, movement, groups / kits and more while maintaining detailed price information. You can store detailed and customised information about each stock item and automate ordering and replenishment functions – with information flowing seamlessly into the fully integrated Pronto Xi General Ledger. 

Pronto Xi Inventory Example

Pronto Xi Purchasing is an efficient procurement solution providing tight cost control and simplifying your purchasing activities by managing your domestic and foreign supplies and shipment processes. Purchase order creation can be automated based on rules designed around inventory levels, sales order commitments, and sales history – freeing up time for your procurement team to negotiate better deals. Our unique approval system allows users to create simple approval methods or the most complex based on business needs in a simple workflow administration screen.

Pronto Xi Purchase Order Example

Manage the sales order lifecycle end-to-end with Pronto Xi Sales. A simple yet powerful way to manage sales, it processes sales orders, produces picking slips and prints consignment notes, manifests, labels and customer documentation – all within a single integrated solution. Any updates to the sales orders instantly pushes automated changes across all relevant modules in Pronto Xi – seamless and error-free.