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Accountability is the bottom line

Take control of accounts receivable and payable, manage assets and understand your financial position at any point in time. See detailed reports and realised outcomes of business operations to optimise your bottom line.

With Pronto Xi Financials, you can have access to the complete financial position of your business at any time. The four core modules form the basis of your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, delivering key financial information to provide solid strategic decision-making support across all integrated modules. To deliver informative analysis and reporting, a comprehensive budgeting system supplements the financials.

Pronto Xi Financials Work Space Screen

Built for the enterprise, Pronto Xi General Ledger  provides a comprehensive way to handle the financials of multiple companies in any currency along with multiple budgets, hierarchies, and cost centres. By representing the outcome of your organisation’s activities, this module forms the basis for reporting and business insights.

Pronto Xi General Ledger Executive Analysis Screen

Manage the full asset lifecycle with Pronto Xi Fixed Assets from acquisition through to disposal. Multiple acquisitions and depreciation methods can be utilised to keep the valuations updated at all times. With full reporting and KPI capabilities, Pronto Xi Fixed Assets is perfect for multinational companies with multi-jurisdictional assets and compliance reporting.

Using Pronto Xi Accounts Receivable, all your sales transactions automatically get processed with real-time updates to General Ledger (GL). It is a fully functional system with the ability to hold very detailed information about your customers – including information flow from Pronto Xi Sales. Pronto Xi Accounts Receivable can be used in a wide variety of environments, including wholesale, retail, service, project management and manufacturing.

Supplier accounts can be easily managed with Pronto Xi Accounts Payable. It supports a 

variety of invoice types and payment options and has the ability to automate invoice processing to save time. With full integration with Pronto Xi General Ledger and Pronto Xi Purchasing, it gives you a detailed view of all supplier arrangements, transactions and approval levels.

Pronto Xi Accounts Payable Screen shot

Alongside the traditional budgeting at the GL level, Pronto Xi also has additional tools to aid in the process. For instance, sales budgets can be rolled up to GL budgets. Any number of hierarchy budgets can be developed to meet specific reporting requirements. For lower-level budgets, like employee expenses, Pronto Xi has a concept of Transaction Tagging. Accountability is essential and easily managed within Pronto.